Samsung Galaxy LCD Repair Prices


Yoshis Tronics QC uses ONLY high quality OEM LCDs and we warranty them against defects for 6 months. Possible in OEM LCDs are dead pixels, white spots, dead spots in the the digitizer (touch screen), Failed LCD (Black Screen), and Discoloration.

Most Galaxy LCD Repairs are done in 1 hour. Issues with the phone or the part can increase this time. Yoshis Tronics QC believes in transparency so all Galaxy LCD repairs are done right in front of the customer. You are welcome to watch the entire repair and are encouraged to ask questions or you can leave and come back once the repair is finished. 

The following are our Galaxy LCD Repair Prices:

Galaxy S7 - $165
Galaxy S7 Edge - $175
Galaxy S8 - $250
Galaxy S8 Plus - $275
Galaxy S9 - $265
Galaxy S9 Plus - $285
Galaxy S10 - $325
Galaxy S10e - $275
Galaxy S10 Plus - $350
Galaxy S20 - $425
Galaxy S20 Plus - $440
Galaxy S20 Ultra - $480

Galaxy Note 8 - $265
Galaxy Note 9 - $285
Galaxy Note 10 - $350
Galaxy Note 10 Plus - $400